Whiteboard Video Animation: Is it Enough For Your Video Marketing Strategy?

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Is whiteboard animation enough for your company?

A lot of businesses today are using whiteboard animation for their online advertising and many companies are doing this because other businesses are also doing it. Stop and think for a while. Is your company being forced to create its own whiteboard animation video due to peer pressure since you don’t want your business to be left behind? If this is the case, your business might not see a return on its investment.

Putting Value on Your Marketing Videos

There are a lot of businesses that fail to put value on their videos. Take for example a mobile apps company that has uploaded a video on YouTube. It is an animated whiteboard video talking about an app but fails to show the customer the value of that app and why the customer needs it.

Not Just Whiteboard Animation

There may be times that a business may need more than just a whiteboard animation video to explain their product or service. In some cases, face time videos may be needed to strengthen the marketing campaign.

Create a multi-layered video campaign that includes animated videos, demo videos, testimonial videos, and in some cases, study videos. These videos will create transparency to your customers, it will tell them who you are and what your business can do for them. These types of videos are like a tapestry of different colors that mesh well and make sense all together. That is what video content marketing is all about.

Just in Case

Having a multi-layered video campaign can be quite tedious and expensive for some companies. If your business is bent on having whiteboard animation as its video content marketing strategy, then make sure the video is more thorough.

The video should not only contains snips of the business, it should also showcase the product or service like how it is used, the value of the product or service to the customer. Provide as much information as you can and the video should be helpful to your potential customers.

Don’t just advertise … educate your target market.


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