The Effectiveness of an Online Presentation Video

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The Online Presentation Video


An online presentation video is like an automated sales representative

The Presentation video is an online video that is used as a sales presentation video for your company’s product or service. This type of video is meant to convert leads into actual customers. This online video presentation works best if you are selling something that does need a deep or thorough explanation.

Just remember with the Presentation video, if you are selling services, people tend to need more guidance unlike with products that are commodities. Presentation videos are usually 2-5 minutes long depending on what is being sold. The benefit of using this kind of video for your marketing strategy is that can generate ACTUAL customers for your business, non-stop, 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. It’s like having an automated video sales representative that does nothing else except close deals for you.

An online Presentation video should be convincing and credible that is why you either perform the video presentation or have a PowerPoint presentation created and converted into video. Your video should include a powerful motivation to act at the end by leveraging a time sensitive sales closing took for viewers to buy – that’s the idea, that’s the strategy.

Online Presentation vides are best used on Sales Conversion Pages or otherwise known as Sales Landing Pages. After the potential client has signed up for your email newsletter or filled out a form requesting additional information about your company’s services and products.

This strategy can make your life easier because you can follow up with these leads in case they don’t up purchasing at the end of your presentation.

If you are not confident enough to create your own online Presentation video or would prefer a more professional looking presentation, you can outsource by hiring a video production company. Creating a customized video may cost you between $150 – $2500 depending on the quality, length of video, and other customized features that you specify.

You may feel apprehensive in investing on an online Presentation video but for a one time investment expense, you get leads and repeat customers for your business without exerting too much effort. Invest on a video today.


Here’s a good example of an online Presentation video.

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