Improving Your Video’s Rank on YouTube

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Rank Higher on YouTube


Learn 3 simple yet effective steps to rank higher on YouTube

Day by day, more and more companies are realizing the value of video and that is one of the reasons why YouTube is the second largest search engine. But as more and more videos are produced it has become quite a challenge to be discovered by your potential customers when there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of video out there that you have to compete with in order to been. Here are a couple of tips to rank your videos higher on YouTube.

Years ago, if you want to learn how to rank your videos higher on YouTube and the search engines and wanted information about this topic, the information and techniques on how to do this was hard to find. The so-called “subject matter experts” were not very willing to reveals their secrets. They would only talk about the importance of video marketing and why your company should use video marketing as an online content marketing technique.

Those days are long gone and we are now here, more than willing to provide you and your company a few secrets of the trade on how to rank your videos higher on YouTube. You need to apply these techniques before you upload your video and we guarantee that these optimization strategies will work wonders for your YouTube videos. These are just the first 3 steps you need to implement and it will certainly do its magic for you.

Let’s begin. First things first, before creating or producing your video, perform an accurate and thorough keyword search. The video that will create should focus on your keyword. Your keyword should be relevant to your business, service, or product, and should also be a hot search topic for potential customers.

The next step is to then create your video that focuses on your top keyword. Do not forget to mention your keyword on your video because YouTube listens to the content of your video. Many fail because they do create a video that focuses on the keyword yet the audio content does not mention the keyword at all. Once that is done, let’s move to the third step.

Video produced and now it is time to create the title for your video. Make sure your title contains your keyword and if possible your keyword(s) should be at the beginning of your title to be easily discovered by the search engines. Aside from the title, the description, and the tags should also contain your keyword.

By providing the title to your video Google and YouTube is able to identify what your video is about and once they know what it is about, they can easily rank your video.

These are just a few yet effective steps to improve your ranking on YouTube and hope you practice it the next time you create your video.


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