Reasons Why You Should Use Online Video


Ramp up your marketing strategy by using video

Are you someone who has a business and is struggling to get your service or product noticed? There are a lot of competitors out there and you need to stand out from the crowd or you have to be seen by customers or potential customers as an expert in your niche market in order to be a success.

There are many marketing strategies you can implement but one of the best ways to do it is through video marketing. There are several reasons why video marketing is the best way to go when it comes to gaining credibility and visibility for your business but for now we’ll give you the top 5.

  1. Audience

There is a very big market for online video. There are about 2.9 billion internet users and a lot of them would rather watch video than to read a blog. Back in 2011, YouTube, the second largest search engine registered more than 1 trillion views or 140 views per person in the planet.

Become an instant celebrity without getting on television and paying for an advertisement. This may be easier said than done but when you’ve tapped into YouTube’s dedicated viewers it will be smooth sailing afterwards.


  1. Video vs Blog

Writing and maintaining a blog takes a considerable amount of time and a lot of people struggle with this chore. Another problem that arises is that if you are not a natural born writer, you end up subcontracting this task and do not really get the results that you want.

Whereas, video is just like talking to your friends, just be confident in front of the camera and you’ll be able to express yourself. Record content often and record anywhere.


  1. Video Bonds with Your Audience

Video is far more personal than text. Videos tend to speak directly to your customers and interact with them and strike a chord in their emotional strings making it easier for you to sell them your service or product.

Viewers are able to get to know you through videos and that is why it is one of the best tools to build an audience.


  1. Video is Easy and Cheap to Produce

Video is inexpensive to produce. It doesn’t require fancy equipment. You can use your webcam or mobile phone. Of course, if you want to have professional looking videos you can hire a video production company if you have the budget. As long as you churn out quality content, your audience will not mind if your video is cheap and expensive.


  1. Increases Your Online Reputation

By creating videos and imparting your knowledge and ideas, your target audience will be convinced that you know what you are talking about and will increase your online credibility. Credibility is a big thing because once a need for your service or product arises, your target market will be the ones who will seek you out and not notice the competition.


Improving Your Video’s Rank on YouTube

Rank Higher on YouTube


Learn 3 simple yet effective steps to rank higher on YouTube

Day by day, more and more companies are realizing the value of video and that is one of the reasons why YouTube is the second largest search engine. But as more and more videos are produced it has become quite a challenge to be discovered by your potential customers when there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of video out there that you have to compete with in order to been. Here are a couple of tips to rank your videos higher on YouTube.

Years ago, if you want to learn how to rank your videos higher on YouTube and the search engines and wanted information about this topic, the information and techniques on how to do this was hard to find. The so-called “subject matter experts” were not very willing to reveals their secrets. They would only talk about the importance of video marketing and why your company should use video marketing as an online content marketing technique.

Those days are long gone and we are now here, more than willing to provide you and your company a few secrets of the trade on how to rank your videos higher on YouTube. You need to apply these techniques before you upload your video and we guarantee that these optimization strategies will work wonders for your YouTube videos. These are just the first 3 steps you need to implement and it will certainly do its magic for you.

Let’s begin. First things first, before creating or producing your video, perform an accurate and thorough keyword search. The video that will create should focus on your keyword. Your keyword should be relevant to your business, service, or product, and should also be a hot search topic for potential customers.

The next step is to then create your video that focuses on your top keyword. Do not forget to mention your keyword on your video because YouTube listens to the content of your video. Many fail because they do create a video that focuses on the keyword yet the audio content does not mention the keyword at all. Once that is done, let’s move to the third step.

Video produced and now it is time to create the title for your video. Make sure your title contains your keyword and if possible your keyword(s) should be at the beginning of your title to be easily discovered by the search engines. Aside from the title, the description, and the tags should also contain your keyword.

By providing the title to your video Google and YouTube is able to identify what your video is about and once they know what it is about, they can easily rank your video.

These are just a few yet effective steps to improve your ranking on YouTube and hope you practice it the next time you create your video.


The Effectiveness of an Online Presentation Video

The Online Presentation Video


An online presentation video is like an automated sales representative

The Presentation video is an online video that is used as a sales presentation video for your company’s product or service. This type of video is meant to convert leads into actual customers. This online video presentation works best if you are selling something that does need a deep or thorough explanation.

Just remember with the Presentation video, if you are selling services, people tend to need more guidance unlike with products that are commodities. Presentation videos are usually 2-5 minutes long depending on what is being sold. The benefit of using this kind of video for your marketing strategy is that can generate ACTUAL customers for your business, non-stop, 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. It’s like having an automated video sales representative that does nothing else except close deals for you.

An online Presentation video should be convincing and credible that is why you either perform the video presentation or have a PowerPoint presentation created and converted into video. Your video should include a powerful motivation to act at the end by leveraging a time sensitive sales closing took for viewers to buy – that’s the idea, that’s the strategy.

Online Presentation vides are best used on Sales Conversion Pages or otherwise known as Sales Landing Pages. After the potential client has signed up for your email newsletter or filled out a form requesting additional information about your company’s services and products.

This strategy can make your life easier because you can follow up with these leads in case they don’t up purchasing at the end of your presentation.

If you are not confident enough to create your own online Presentation video or would prefer a more professional looking presentation, you can outsource by hiring a video production company. Creating a customized video may cost you between $150 – $2500 depending on the quality, length of video, and other customized features that you specify.

You may feel apprehensive in investing on an online Presentation video but for a one time investment expense, you get leads and repeat customers for your business without exerting too much effort. Invest on a video today.


Here’s a good example of an online Presentation video.

Video Marketing Experience: Create Value for Your Customers

Videos with Added Value


Create the need on why they should avail of your services or product

When business owners put up videos online, especially videos of yourself or animation videos, the uploaded videos are about services they offer and why potential customers should pick them amongst other competitors. A better and more convincing approach to this situation would be to help out and educate your potential clients. Create the need on why they should avail of your services or product, create value and always end your video with a call to action whether it’s to visit your site, signup for your newsletter, or visit your Facebook page.

With these simple steps, you will notice things start to happen. First, you establish yourself as the expert or authority in your niche market because these potential customers or existing customers will view your videos on YouTube. It also adds a convincing factor that you know what you are talking about. When a viewer has a need for a product or service that you offer, they will go directly to you because you know your stuff.  So it’s essential to hire the right video animation company to help you with your video content.

The Need to Add Value to Your YouTube Videos

need-add-value-YouTube-videosOne mistake that some business owners make with video marketing strategy is that they are afraid to give out too much information on their YouTube videos for fear that the viewer will just copy their strategy and do it themselves.  Especially if it’s a presentation video or animation video showcasing what they can do.

Well, we’ve got news for you – these people are never to hire you in the first place regardless of how much information that you release. These people are only bent on getting free information.

On the other hand, smart business owners would make a client understand the value of hiring someone who knows what they’re talking about. When they see your video, they will see you as an expert and then boom (as they say the rest is history).

Another benefit when you create videos that add value and create needs for your clients is that these people will most likely obey your call to action. It’s that simple. If you add value to someone’s life, you give them valuable information, you provide them help, they’ll most likely want more than that and if you tell them how and where to get that information they will surely listen.

If people find value in the information you’ve provided, they tend to share it with other people whom they feel will also benefit from this information. This in turn will help your video get around the world wide web and encourage more people to watch your video.

The bottom line is making sure you create value and need in your videos and you will surely go viral.


Whiteboard Video Animation: Is it Enough For Your Video Marketing Strategy?


Is whiteboard animation enough for your company?

A lot of businesses today are using whiteboard animation for their online advertising and many companies are doing this because other businesses are also doing it. Stop and think for a while. Is your company being forced to create its own whiteboard animation video due to peer pressure since you don’t want your business to be left behind? If this is the case, your business might not see a return on its investment.

Putting Value on Your Marketing Videos

There are a lot of businesses that fail to put value on their videos. Take for example a mobile apps company that has uploaded a video on YouTube. It is an animated whiteboard video talking about an app but fails to show the customer the value of that app and why the customer needs it.

Not Just Whiteboard Animation

There may be times that a business may need more than just a whiteboard animation video to explain their product or service. In some cases, face time videos may be needed to strengthen the marketing campaign.

Create a multi-layered video campaign that includes animated videos, demo videos, testimonial videos, and in some cases, study videos. These videos will create transparency to your customers, it will tell them who you are and what your business can do for them. These types of videos are like a tapestry of different colors that mesh well and make sense all together. That is what video content marketing is all about.

Just in Case

Having a multi-layered video campaign can be quite tedious and expensive for some companies. If your business is bent on having whiteboard animation as its video content marketing strategy, then make sure the video is more thorough.

The video should not only contains snips of the business, it should also showcase the product or service like how it is used, the value of the product or service to the customer. Provide as much information as you can and the video should be helpful to your potential customers.

Don’t just advertise … educate your target market.